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  • $30
    Find bugs in your product

    Send us a URL, bug repo, engage an available codood to test the product live for an hour

  • $0

    Build an Angular website

  • $10
    java development

    java expertises

  • $500
    Android Programming

    Design & Development of Android Programmin

  • $15
    Code Review

    Get code reviewed by a fellow codood for 15 minutes

  • $0
    Service chatbot for your website

    Service chatbot

  • $0
    FAQ chatbot for your page

    FAQ bot

  • $12
    Kishore J


  • $25
    Software Programming

    Web Services or Mobile App development services

  • $1
    java development

    java expertises

  • $150
    AI chatbot

    AI using pytorch

  • $12


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